Help! I need Help: Building a Stellar Cleaning Team

Running a bustling house cleaning company requires not only good management, but also a dedicated and skilled team of employees.

Finding the right individuals to join your team and ensuring they deliver top-notch cleaning services is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and growing your business.

I have recently been hearing how tough it is to find help, and while that can be frustrating for new business owners, I know that you can do it.  A young woman recently said in a cleaning Facebook group that she has been struggling with finding reliable help – I encouraged her that she can do it!

Running a cleaning business is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have had so many memorable experiences and have helped thousands of families keep their homes tidy, so they have more time to do other things that are important to them.

I started by myself, and the demand for my services was HIGH. Shortly after starting, I knew I needed some serious help – and fast!

The first step in building a successful house cleaning team is to identify candidates who possess the right qualities and values for the job. When advertising job openings, make sure to clearly outline the job requirements, expectations, and company values.

Here are some qualities to look for in potential cleaning employees:

  1. Reliability and punctuality: House cleaning appointments are often time-sensitive, so it's essential to
    hire individuals who consistently show up on time and can be relied upon to fulfill their duties.
  2. Attention to detail: Cleaning requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure every nook and cranny
    is properly cleaned. Look for candidates who demonstrate a keen eye for detail in their previous work experience.
  3. Trustworthiness: Your employees will have access to clients' homes, making trustworthiness a non-negotiable trait. Conduct thorough background checks to ensure the safety of your clients and their belongings.
  4. Physical Stamina: Cleaning is physically demanding work, so candidates should have the stamina to
    handle the tasks without compromising quality.
  5. Communication skills: Effective communication is crucial, both with clients and within the team.

Employees need to understand and follow instructions accurately, as well as communicate any issues or concerns promptly.

Some friendly advice...

I started with hiring young teenagers from my church the first summer and they were great, but the only drawback was that they had to go back to school in late August. Hence started my quest to find help and it was not easy, but I was determined. I started mentioning to all my friends that I needed someone to
help me clean houses during the daytime. Eventually word spread, and this was before Facebook or Instagram! People heard I needed help with the original form of marketing: word-of-mouth.

My advice would be to start by word-of-mouth on Facebook by having friends share your post like an ad. The post or ad can be simple but appealing and clear about what type of help you need, such as dependable people who enjoy cleaning. Include the work hours and days you need, if it is a part-time or full-time position, and whether it requires a license.

Let them know they will need to be physically able to stand for at least 5 hours and be able to bend and reach. Also, ask if they are allergic to or afraid of cats and dogs. Do they have reliable daycare and transportation to work each day? The quickest way to lose customers is to not be dependable.

Everywhere I went - to the car wash, the grocery store - I would pass my card out and say, “If you know anyone looking for work that likes cleaning, please have them call me.”

Once you've received names of potential employees, the interview process is your chance to assess their suitability for the role.

Here's one example of a structured approach to interviewing:

  1. Behavioral Questions: Ask candidates about specific scenarios they've encountered in previous cleaning roles or other relevant experiences. For instance, ask about how they've handled challenging
    cleaning tasks or managed their time well.
  2. Role-Specific Questions: Pose hypothetical situations they might face in the job and ask how they would handle them. This reveals their problem-solving skills and how well they understand the role's responsibilities.
  3. Teamwork and Communication: Ask about times when they've had to work as part of a team or communicate with clients. This provides insight into their interpersonal skills and ability to work harmoniously in various situations.
  4. Work Ethic: Discuss their approach to maintaining high cleaning standards and how they ensure consistency in their work. This helps gauge their commitment to doing high quality cleanings.

By September 1, 1995, only months after I had started my business, I had recruited not 1, but 2 ladies that started helping me. One worked for me for 19 years and the other for 18 years. I could now easily clean 4 homes a day, 20 homes a week! I was on my way to success. As new customers came, I then hired more employees and eventually cleaned 60 homes per week.

I will say most of the women who worked for me in the beginning of my company 28 years ago had kids over 8 years old, so they were gone while their kids were at school and back by the time they came home. This left no need for daycare, like me. My goal was to be present for my children and still provide for them. That, I have done.

Building a stellar house cleaning team requires a plan for marketing your need for help like word-of-mouth or social media posts, and making sure potential employees share your values through an interview process. By identifying candidates who possess qualities you would be proud to add to your
team and conducting thorough interviews, you can ensure that your team consistently delivers the highest cleaning quality, driving customer satisfaction and business growth.

Remember, the investment you make in your employees directly translates into the success and reputation of your house cleaning company. It was hard when I first started my company, but here I am still growing 28 years later. If I can do it, you can do it too.

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